13 varieties of nuts for a healthy life

In this article we will see what are the most popular nuts, 13 varieties of nuts because of their characteristics and properties will help us lead a healthy life

  • Dried apricots: very useful when an extra energy is needed, when there is weakness.

  • Almonds: distinguished by their levels of calcium and phosphorus. It is best taken lightly toasted and well chewed. They are very nutritious, they help to improve appetite and are recommended in cases of irritation of the digestive tract (if we do not eat the skin) and according to Ayurveda they revitalize the intellect and the spirit. In addition, almonds are especially interesting because they alkalized blood. With almond can be developed vegetable milk as detailed in Healthy drinks section.

Marcona Almonds. Photography by Pincas Photo. Creative Commons Licence.

  • Hazelnuts: noted for their iron content and calcium. They help reduce cholesterol levels and improve mental and physical performance.

  • Peanuts: of them is obtained by cold pressing, excellent oil that its features are detailed in the condiments section. Peanuts are very nutritious and energy, however not advised in case of excess weight that may slow metabolism. 

  • Chestnuts: in addition of vitamins B and C, they contain magnesium and sodium. They are very nutritious and are considered an almost complete food. To be able to digest well should be mature and well cooked. They can be combined well with vegetables like carrots, spinach and cabbage, but should not be combined with potatoes, rice or pasta. They can be prepared in mash, boiling them gently so they cook evenly. A good trick to peel them: put them in cold water to boil for a minute and go slowly pulling them to peel. When roasted they have to make a small cut in the skin so it does not explode. They can be kept for a long time and alternating layers of sand and layers of chestnuts, just as in the storage of potatoes.

PineNuts. Photography by thebittenword. Creative Commons Licence.

  • Tiger nut: is a tuber, but we include it in this section for having some features and functionality similar to that of some nuts. It's a food with a high nutritional value because it contains fat, protein, fiber, starch, vitamins and many enzymes. Of Tiger Nut we extract the famous horchata besides being refreshing is very healthy and nutritious extracted.

  • Dried plums: promote digestion and are helpful in cases of constipation, also considered a prominent energy food. 

  • Dried dates: rich in vitamins and sugar, fats and minerals. They are very nutritious but get a little heavy if your stomach is sensitive. 

  • Dried figs: like other dried fruits they provide a lot of energy and help especially in cases of constipation

  • Nuts: are rich in vitamins A and B, also contain nitrogen fats, iron, calcio, phosphorus, zinc and copper. They help reduce cholesterol levels and strengthen the nervous system. They are also good as laxatives and worming. If eaten in excess can inflame the gums and palate, so you should wipe your mouth thoroughly after eating many.

Croutons with scrambled eggs pesto and pinenuts. Photography by Luca Nebuloni. Creative Commons Licence.

  • Raisins: prevent hypertension, help in cases of anemia and it is also considered to have a hepatoprotective effect. 
  • Pinenuts: are very nutritious and beneficial to the lungs, liver and large intestine
  • Pistachios: sweet and slightly bitter taste. They are beneficial to the liver and kidneys.

Article written by Shauri.