Sap Syrup Cure

The cure of sap syrup and lemon juice, also known as a maple syrup cure is a natural remedy, especially oriented to healthy people, which allows us to have a debugging of all our body. 

Specifically, this cure helps to eliminate toxins from the body, fatty deposits and retained fluids. Thus promoting a great deal of health to the person who performs it. 

Such cures are very important in these times, as the food served, or to the products that we buy today, there are many colorants, preservatives, flavor enhancers and much more of unhealthy chemicals.

This cure is based on the ancient healing fast. A fast, traditionally consists of eating nothing and drinking only water. If we did a conventional fasting, which is also highly curative, the early days we would spend a lot of hunger until our bodies understand that we are fasting and we will not eat. At that point we lose hunger. For the modern man performing a conventional fasting can be difficult to successfully, unless you go somewhere where organize fasting and facilitate this practice. However, there is a compromise: The cure of sap syrup and lemon juice. This healing allows us to enjoy the benefits of fasting without starving or having to abandon our usual daily activities.

The cure is to eat nothing , drink water or tea and take the preparation of lemon juice and syrup sap. Stanley Burroughs was the person who came up with this cure. Stanley is a Hawaiian naturopath who works with color therapy, massage and he is a skilled dietitian. He spent a long time developing this cure and testing it in himself and in others, the result is reflected in a book entitled Healing for a new era.

Sap Syrup

The sap syrup is a product that has been improved over time. Initially the cure was made ​​with maple syrup, but it had some lacks in its mineral content. Later, palm syrup was discovered, and analyzing the contents of both syrups they realized that combining both left a syrup containing everything necessary for the body, or almost. And here is where the lemon juice as it provides vitamin C necessary. The sap syrup is therefore a mixture of maple syrup and palm syrup. Maple is a tree that grows in the northern United States and Canada, syrup extraction is done in a traditional way and so that the tree does not become damaged. Aren palm can be found in tropical Asian regions. Extraction of syrup is also done entirely by hand.


How to make the cure


The cure lasts for 7-10 days. The first three days the body consumes its immediate glycogen stores, from there, the body starts to get rid of toxins and reduce fatty deposits. During this time, at any time we feel hungry or need to eat. Since the prepared syrup and lemon juice, along with our fatty deposits contain everything that may need our body for 10 days. During this period our organism will rid of all the impurities, the removal can be done in the following ways:

  • Faeces: it is the most usual way and we can notice an increase, changes in color, texture and smell. As they were passing the days it will become more liquid.

  • Urine: may be an increase in the number of micturition and a darkening of the urine and increased odor.

  • Sweat: maybe we sweat more and our scent will be a little stronger. In no case use an antiperspirant.

  • Mucus: through mucus, bad breath or coughing our lungs removed all the crap they have.

  • Vaginal discharge: can produce an increase.

If you make the cure and you have any of these symptoms or all, you have to understand that the process is working and it makes sense to let nature do its work. Alongside the physical part, our being can also use to debug emotions that we have engaged in our bodies, useless information stored in our brain, etc..


When should I have to do the cure?

The best times to carry out this cure are fall and spring. In these two stations our body active removal and depurating processes, to prepare the seasons that follow. Therefore it is ideal to perform syrup cure in these times.


Start the cure

Healing can begin a week before the day 0, ie , the day when we will stop eating solid food and take only the prepared syrup. During the week before the cure we should eat only vegetarian food, especially eating boiled vegetables and boiled rice. Reducing every day a little what we eat.

  1. Three days before the day 0 we start taking the prepared syrup, taking one or two glasses and making only two meals a day: breakfast and lunch, but we can eat a piece of fruit for dinner.

  2. Two days before the day 0 will increase the dose of prepared syrup to 4 cups a day. We only make two meals: breakfast and lunch as smooth as possible, not eating anything at dinner.

  3. A day before the date 0 we will increase the dose of prepared syrup to 6 or 7 glasses a day. Taking to lunch only vegetable broth.

Ingredientes para la cura

The preparation of syrup

In a large glass we will put:

  1. 2 tablespoons lemon juice (about half a lemon). Always use fresh lemons and if it is possible from organically grown.

  2. A pinch of cayenne pepper powder. The cayenne is added because it dissolves phlegm and regenerates blood. It also helps increase blood pressure as this may drop slightly during the days of the cure. Also provides vitamin B.

  3. 2 tablespoons syrup sap. I used Madal Bal syrup brand that is of great quality is priced at about 50 euros per liter. To a cure about 10 days you'll need a minimum of 2 liters of syrup sap. When you buy another brand, make sure it's real syrup, and syrup substitutes exist that have nothing to do with truth syrup. The syrup can be purchased at any health food store .

  4. Fill the glass with natural or cold water. Choose a high quality water and weak mineralization. I do recommend Lanjaron or Solan de Cabras brands.

You need to take each day at least eight to twelve glasses of prepared syrup. For your convenience you can prepare 2-liter bottles with the preparation and store in the fridge. Or, if you prefer, you can get the preparation every time, so will take advantage over the qualities of lemon.

Optionally, but is highly recommended, we can take a laxative tea. It is very important that all day throughout the syrup cure we go to the bathroom. In a food store ask for a laxative infusion made ​​of organic farming. Take a tea before bedtime and again in the morning. If you go to the bathroom you can either remove the infusion of the morning or evening. If not, keep holding the two .

During the cure must not eat any food, do not drink coffee or alcohol, or smoke, or take drugs or other suplements like multivitamin. The syrup preparation contains everything your body needs.

It is also possible that during this period you feel weak or dizzy. This is not to take no food, it is about does the cure removes and makes to surface. For example, organs and cells eliminate toxins very quickly, the first reaction will release these toxins into the bloodstream, it can make us feel weak or dizzy. But as our body will eliminate these toxins by different means, we'll find much better and stronger. If necessary, try to lead a quieter without much effort during the days of the cure.

1.- Squeeze half a lemon.

2.- Ad cayenne pepper

3.- Two tablespoons of syrup

4.- Ad natural or cold water.

5.- Finally mix it well and drink.


To complete the cure

About the tenth day, your body will have already spent their reserves and communicates it to you by returning hunger. It's time to eat again. As we did at first, we will make a smooth transition and taking vegetarian food. The body will take three days to become accustom to eating normally. During these three days, continue to take the prepared syrup, but reducing the dosage as you increase the amount of food eaten, until you reach the point of not taking any syrup. Here 's an example of what you can eat during the three days of transition:

  1. The first day it is best to make vegetable broth in food. Depends on how you feel you can also take some soft crushed fruit .

  2. The second day you can take some fruit like apple, tangerine or banana, making such a small breakfast and lunch.

  3. The third day you can have brown rice with vegetable stock. Fruits. Making breakfast and lunch, including also a soft dinner fruit based.

During these three days do not eat meat, fish, eggs, bread , pastries, tea, coffee or milk.

It is very important to make this transition and allow the body to become accustomed to eating solid foods gradually. Some people after performing complete fasting are taking the syrup and dieting or half fasting (breakfast and lunch only), eating vegetarian food, thus lengthen a little more clearance and loss of fatty deposits.

Benefits of the cure

The cure of sap syrup and lemon juice produces a self-healing from body and mind. This is a small list of the benefits we can get by this cure. Each person can experience improvements in relation to his particular case.

  • Detoxification. When we do this cure will get a body cleansing from within and getting rid of a huge amount of toxins.

  • Weight loss. The cure can make us lose 5-10 pounds in 10 days. Yes, you read that right, our fat stores will empty a lot, but this is not the main purpose of healing.

  • Body awareness. The cure helps us to recover the habit of listening to our body. During the days of the cure and after one becomes aware of the real needs of the body. This makes that after the cureone begins to live a more healthy and balanced diet. Taking only the amount that your body tells you it needs.

  • Mental clarity and peace. The detoxification that is produced in the body and especially in the intestines makes recover mental clarity that we had before and our entire body is calm and relaxed.

In summary

The cure of sap syrup and lemon juice is to take eight to twelve prepared syrup over a period of seven to ten days, during which no other food was not ingest. Before and after starting the cure is necessary to make a small transition for our body to adjust to the new conditions. It is advisable to take a laxative tea each day will help us to go to the bathroom. During this time the body remove impurities and regenerate through self-healing mechanisms it possesses. It should be clear also that this is not a slimming cure but it is a cure for purifying your body by eliminating toxins and greatly increasing our health.



  • Follow to the letter all instructions.

  • Buy yourself a book that explains this process in detail.

  • If you can, contact someone who has done this cure before. You will be surprised because there are many people who made it.

  • During the cure you have nonphysical hungry, but you can have psychological hunger. Do not let your mind fool you or tempt you. You will see after cure your will has been reinforced.

  • If you think necessary, take a consultation with a doctor prior to cure. Find a doctor who understands and respects the naturopathic cures and the ancient tradition of natural medicine.

  • Once past the three days of final transition you can go back to eating normally, but try to change your eating habits if they were not very good, otherwise  soon your body will be like before you made ​​the cure.

  • Make the cure with joy, remember at all times that you 're doing a great gift to your body and yourself.

  • If you are a man, it will be better not have ejaculations during the cure. Since they produce a great loss of vital energy and you may feel very weak after.


The sap syrup cure and Reiki

We may supplement the sap syrup cure with Reiki beautifully. It would be advisable for the cure dedicate at least an hour a day to find ourselves, practicing meditation and autoreiki and seeking inner silence. We have not to be spending our energy on digestion, our senses and intuitions may increase considerably. With meditation and Reiki we can take advantage of this and have unique and interesting experiences.

In Autoreiki it is a Traditional Japanese Reiki technique called Tandem Chiryo Ho or Detox Technique that will help to detox your body in the process of purification and regeneration.  In this technique first connect with the Universal Energy and ask for help detoxify your body. Then put one hand on the Middle Tanti (two or three fingers below the navel) or in the navel and the other hand on the forehead. Hold this position for ten minutes. I feel the need to put the left on the front and right hand on the Tanti, but in principle it works anyway. After this time, put the hand on the forehead and Place it above the other in the Tanti or back up to the Tanti. Stay in this position 20 minutes. During this time imagine as toxins leave your body and this shines light, health and happiness  It is advisable to do this technique at least once during the sap syrup cure.

My personal experience

I made this cure for the first time in the spring of 2007. At first I decided to achieve the ten day cure. In a way, my pride appeared saying: " I can support it for the ten days". I started very well, making the vegetarian week and the days of strict descent. When testing the prepared syrup with lemon juice and cayenne I thought this was going to be a cinch, since the prepared was delicious and refreshing. At last came the day 0, the time to stop eating. I expected to spend a little hungry, but to my surprise, I felt no hunger. And spent five days of healing, I will have a tendency to be a little low blood pressure dand uring treatment at times I felt dizzy. So I tried to lead a quieter life. Although I continued to fulfill my obligations, teaching and others. The practice of Chi Kung helped me increase my energy and my strength. On the fifth day, I had scheduled a blood test, and I decided to go anyway. This disrupted my case, because the next day I started to get hungry, remember that this is a sign that healing is over. So on the seventh day I left and went back to eating slowly. After the cure, and after eating some meat, I began to feel very good, stronger, lighter and much more clear and uncluttered mind. Also at energy level, I noticed a considerable increase in my ability to channel and saw increased my sensitivity to energy and intuition.


The instructions here are for information only and in no case are we responsible for the misuse of this information.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.