How to incorporate kefir into our daily diet 

Kefir can be taken at any time of day, especially after lunch or dinner to enhance digestion. You have to take it slow, at first its taste can make us stranger.

Mini Currant Kefir Muffins. Photography by Maggie Hoffman. Creative Commons Licence.

It can also be a very special breakfast, I propose the following breakfast: Kefir with honey, flaked wheat germ and a banana into slices (you can do other variations like some wholegrain muesli instead of flakes, wheat germ, other fruit as pear or  apple). 

We can find many recipes that incorporate kefir: soups, salads, rice, dressing vegetables and as an ingredient in ice cream, creams ... Another use we can give kefir to include in our diet is to use it as a base for sauces normally lead yogurt or as an ingredient in a cake (in this case we see that the cake is left much fluffier). 

As seen above, kefir has many properties, especially stands out as its therapeutic value for everything that relates to the digestive system, if at any time you feel bad meal and you eat kefir surely you will feel much better soon, when the problem is more serious, such as poor digestion, gastritis... it is ideally to replace a meal by eating kefir, thus our digestive system rest and kefir gives us many nutrients we not "lose" a meal but give space to our body for better recovery.

Milk spicy arugula with lemon, green apple and kefir. Photography by manuela viseras. Creative Commons Licence.

Keep in mind that in order to enjoy all the properties of kefir should take 2-3 glasses a day or at least 250 ml. And accompany with other dietary changes such as eating whole foods.

Article written by Shauri.