How to incorporate honey into our daily diet

If you care about your health and want to improve it through nutrition is essential to replace the consumption of refined sugar for natural sweeteners, honey is one of them and their nourishing and energizing maybe makes it the best substitute property that may arise. Some people perhaps will seem a very sweet taste, you can downgrade it if you mix it with a little water. Try sweeten with honey yoghurt or kefir and will not want to eat it otherwise.

Award Winning Honey. Photography by inessaraiva. Creative Commons Licence.

As we saw in the previous article, there are many varieties of honey, depending on the collection area of the bees, it is good to keep trying different types to enjoy their different properties but surely some of them draws us any more for taste or texture. 

Begins to incorporate honey in your diet, a teaspoon fasting can be a great revitalizing when we needed and in cook recipes where previously you use sugar (cakes, cookies, bread ...) now you can use honey to enjoy your flavor and properties.

Vanilla Bean Honey Cupcakes. Photography by Dixie Belle Cupcake Cafe.  Creative Commons Licence.

If you are prone to colds, early winter you can take royal jelly daily for 2-3 weeks and the result will surprise you. If your weakness is the throat, propolis spray will be of great help when you start feeling discomfort.

Article written by Shauri.