Variety of natural drinks



The natural water, safe and pure is the best thing to drink to maintain and enhance our health. It is the quintessential natural and healthy drink. Water should be taken in small sips and it must be "slowly chewed" in this way we improve their assimilation into our body. Keep in mind that it is healthier take between meals at least 30 minutes before and at least 2 hours after meals, it is thus recommended to not interfere with the secretion of gastric juices needed for proper digestion. If we want to drink some water during the meal should be warm and very little or a soup or a tea to finish the meal.

Water is essential for the proper functioning of our body, but the daily recommended amount of water varies from person to person, depending on his diet (if you eat lots of fruit and vegetables you may need to consume less water), so we should listen to our bodies, and if we do not feel the sensation of thirst, it is better to take small sips throughout the day, and we will notice how quickly improve all bodily functions.

It would be ideal to collect water in a mineral spring, bearing record that it is suitable for consumption, thus save money, we will ensure a healthy water and we will contact with nature when we go to look for it.


Carob drink

It is normally found in powder like a cocoa without its stimulant properties. The preparation was added to a hot liquid which is usually some type of milk or plain water. Its main ingredient is carob and is rich in fiber, carbohydrates, protein and minerals, especially calcium. 


Cereal coffees

Often they carry a mixture of various cereals: chicory, wheat, barley. It comes in powder and mixed with hot water or a vegetable milk. They are a good substitute for conventional coffee, very tasty and giving us an interesting energy input to start the morning. Although popularly they are called "coffee" these drinks contain no caffeine or none exciting substance, so it can be taken by anyone without the annoying consequences that may provoke coffee or tea.


Vegetable milks

They are obtained from oil seeds (almonds  groundnuts) and cereals (such as rice and oats). Currently they are many brands and types, whenever it is possible to look for the organic origin, especially in the case of soya milk because non-organic soy is, in the vast majority of cases, transgenic. None of them contain lactose, which is particularly suitable for people with allergies to lactose as an alternative to cow's milk or goat's milk. Top vegetable milks are:

  • Rice drink: providing protein and calcium in smaller quantities than other plant milks, it is sweet and soft. Especially recommended for those allergic to soya.

  • Almonds drink: it is a palatable and highly digestible drink. It is recommended for its restorative effect on pregnant women, infants, children and convalescents.

  • Oat drink: tastes great and is very digestible. It is rich in vitamins and proteins. Very suitable to prevent and treat high cholesterol content betaglucanos. Also very suitable for those allergic to soya.

  • Soya drink: the most popular, is very digestible, but it is important to be organic to avoid GMO soybeans.

Infusions o tisanes

Peppermint, sage, verbena, chamomile, adding it lemon or orange, mixing plants or single. Its properties depend on the plants we use. In summer we can take them natural and they will be more refreshing. There are many interesting preparations to try different systems such as the respiratory, digestive, hepatic, renal, circulatory, etc. Ask your herbalist. They are an effective form of natural medical treatment and preventative.

Homemade "horchata"

Horchata is a typical valencian drink wich is called in english tiger nut milk drink. But the horchata can be done with almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, groundnuts ... its preparation is very similar: the nuts are soaked overnight (except groundnuts that they need minimum 24 hours) takes away the skin (in the case of groundnuts it is not necessary) and ground in the mill until we get a fine paste, add a little water and mix well, after a few hours more water is added, mix well and finally passed through a blender and strain. You can add honey to sweeten. 

Article written by Shauri.


Water Glass Greg Riegler Photography. Soya drink Oxborrow Toby Photography. Herbal teas Photo by Raúl Hernández González. Photographies Creative Commons.