How to incorporate natural drinks to our daily diet

We must give a chance to the healthiest natural beverages, in my case I had a hard time giving up coffee, if I did not take it in the morning I felt that something was missing, I was half asleep all day, I started to drink ecological cereals coffee very good taste and at first seemed strange to me, I thought that it has no point of comparison with the coffee, and not taking over from coffee had constipation .... after a few weeks I realized that I was no longer half asleep needing my coffee cup, I woke up happier and with more energetic and no longer I needed a dose of coffee, I had overcome the withdrawal symptoms to caffeine.

Green vegetable and herbs juice photo by Steven Depolo - Creative Commons

As for the constipation, which I had to do was treat improving diet with more input fibers and some extra help as a tablespoon of magnesium powder in the morning, once the gut regulated  it returned to work normally and not through a morning irritation that was what gave me every morning taking coffee. Now I love coffee grain and would not trade it for anything ... well maybe for orange juice or beet and carrots juice.

As this example we can find many from carbonated drinks that produces inflammation and leave us without calcium (to assimilate sugars containing in them our body must spend its calcium reserves) to alcohol drinks that fattening us... if this we'll substituting for some creative juices or water will see how changes in our body (removing gases , more energy, restoration of normal body weight) that encourage us to incorporate these healthy drinks.

Article written by Shauri.