Fruit juices and vegetables

They are rich in minerals and especially rich in vitamins. Refresh and fortify our body. To quench our thirst will not find anything better, some of the water, that eating a fresh seasonal fruit, eating the whole fruitwe take its fiber and its juice in the proportions that nature has determined. However, the fresh juice has an important cleansing body function, so in this sense it serves a different function than eating the whole fruit.

Preparing fresh juices photo by Paul Downey - Creative Commons

Fruit Juice

Some examples of fruit juices are described, how they are made and their main properties:

Fruit juice and vegetables photo by cumi&ciki - Creative Commons

Vegetable juices and plants

They are rich in vitamins and even richer in minerals. Like fruit, are very good for our health and consumption of vegetable juices may be suitable for children, convalescents, elderly and people who do not support either fiber vegetables. Let's look at the main vegetable juice and qualities that make them more interesting in each case.

Fruit juice and vegetables photo by cumi&ciki - Creative Commons

Many of these fruit juices and vegetables can be mixed together to obtain exquisite combinations for its taste and for its healing properties. Yes, you should try to consume fruit and vegetables of the season and the area where you live, it will be much better for the health of our bodies and for our planet.

  • Pomegranates juice: are squeezed or shells and liquefies. For lack of appetite and general weakness is one of the best known juices. It can be mixed with other juices or take it alone.

  • Apple juice: cut apple into pieces and in a blender can easily prepare this juice. Among others, highlights for its cleansing and anti-inflammatories properties.

  • Melon juice: can be prepared in a blender or in a liquidiser. Very refreshing and purifying.

  • Orange juice: oranges are cut in half and squeeze, electric juicers currently exist that perform this function but there are manuals that can also be used. It is very rich in vitamins and minerals juice and also it has great curative value.

  • Pear juice: We prepared also liquefied. It is a very tasty juice. Restorative for all types of patients.

  • Pineapple juice: we have to cut pineapple on chunks and blend it, especially taking advantage of the core as it is where most of bromelain (an enzyme that aids in the assimilation of protein ) is found. It has cleansing and slimming properties and aids digestion.

  • Grapefruit juice: We shall squeeze it like an orange. Taken fasting is indicated for stomach ailments, also has purifying and blood cleansing properties. If you take it, keep in mind that may interfere with the action of certain drugs.

  • Watermelon Juice: This smoothie is one of the best diuretics and especially recommended for prostate diseases.

  • Grape juice: can be prepared in a blender. Indicated in circulatory system problems and to dissolve uric acid.

  • Chard juice: This juice is made by boiling chards about 10 minutes, strain it and let the chard temper, the resulting water is the juice that will take. It is a good natural laxative and intestinal regulator. You can also prepare a chard smoothie, alone or mixed with other vegetables, adding a little water or lemon juice.

  • Artichoke juice: can liquefy or even use the water resulting from boiling, has savoury properties and it is a regulatory of liver function.

  • Alfalfa juice: a handful of alfalfa grind in a blender adding water and added lemon juice and honey. It is a fortifying drink for whole body so it helps us especially if there is anemia.

  • Aloe vera juice: a few years ago this very interesting juice is marketed to cleanse the body, especially recommended in cases of acne and also for bowel cleansing.

  • Celery juice: cut celery into pieces and passed through a blender. It is an appetizer and tonic juice. It is the most alkalizing so taken after meals improve digestion if we endure hiperclorhidria.

  • Watercress juice: it can be cut into pieces and melt it. Has disinfectant properties, it is a good tonic and with properties that help to improve the diseased airway.

  • Cabbage Juice: prepare it as chard juice. It has a soothing effect on the ulcers of the stomach and intestines.

  • Spinach juice: Wash the spinach well and passed through the blender. It is a juice that enhances the production of red blood cells so it will be suitable for certain types of anemia.

  • Lettuce juice: we will cook this juice following the same procedure as spinach and cabbage juice. It is particularly suitable for treating insomnia.

  • Juice of tender nettles: A washed once crushed and adding a little water, they will be left in infusion eventually we slip them and we have prepared the juice. For consumption can be sweetened with a little honey. It is a great remedy for rheumatism.

  • Juice of raw potatoes: potatoes are grated and squeeze. The raw potato juice is good for inflamatory diseases and can help us in stomach aches, heartburn, ulcers ...

  • Cucumber Juice: cucumbers must be washed and then cut along, then we can go through the blender. It is a refreshing juice for summer, it can be combined with other juices, it is a blood tonic and is indicated for skin conditions.

  • Peppers juice: for their preparation we have to squeeze the peppers. It is a food rich in vitamin C and in turn great for combat uric acid. 

  • Beet juice: cut it into pieces and liquefy, you can add lemon to enhance its flavor and reddish color. It is an anti-anemic juice and also very indicated for intestinal diseases.

  • Tomato juice: liquefies or prepared in a blender and we have one of the most alkalizing juices therefore useful to combat heartburn and stomach ulcers. Not indicated in the case of nephritis. 

  • Carrot juice: carrots are cut and blend, you can add a little lemon juice. It purifies the blood and improves liver. 

Article written by Shauri.