Salt deserves a special chapter but in this section will just enter their importance in our diet, noting, though, that the controversy in recent years regarding the abuse of salt in food is centered on the use of salt refined (mainly composed of sodium and chloride), not the full sea salt (composed of 92 essential minerals), which is very beneficial for our body.

Salts. Photography by larryjh1234- Creative Commons License

Salt is very important to regulate our body functions, among many other functions, the salt helps regulate our heart rate and blood pressure, blood sugar levels, acidity levels of cells and other important biochemical processes on our body. It also provides the human being over 80 essential minerals. We must distinguish, as we said at the beginning, between refined salt (not recommended) and complete sea salt (recommended in our daily diet, with moderation). And you also have to consider how we eat it, as taken directly, dry salt is not well assimilated by the body, so we get to incorporate it on food that we will eat, and one way to achieve this is wetting the salt in a little water, so that it is dissolved in water and this solution can be add to salads, vegetables, etc.. This ensures that our body can digest it properly. 
Also keep in mind that sometimes our cells are not properly absorbing the salts. It is possible that our cells are saturated and the exchange does not occur right way. With various naturopathic procedures shall we see in future articles, we can help the cell to recover its function.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, salt helps us to root, turning inward and down, makes us put our feet on the ground. Moreover it is cooler, it is a food with yin energy that stimulates the kidneys, which improves circulation of fluids. 
  • Sea salt: include sodium chloride and trace elements such as magnesium chloride, calcium, iodine, potassium and manganese. Currently the most regularly traded salt is refined salt (which is virtually sodium chloride) and comes with added iodine, fluoride added, and other forms that are not natural. It is a contradiction refine salt first and then try to add what we have taken out, plus the end result is a distorted and almost toxic product. Thus, we seek for our healthy table unrefined sea salt that can be found in health food stores. Do not abuse the salt but also keep in mind that it is essential for the proper functioning of our body, so with moderation, we have to include it in our daily diet. 
  • Herbal salt: it is composed of different salts and dried herbs that add flavor and aid digestion of food. Usually they take a fair amount of salt that is added to the onion, leek, chives, parsley, garlic, basil, a type of seaweed, etc..



The gomasio is made by roasting sesame seeds, it is added a little sea salt and ground. It can also add a type of dulse or wakame seaweed that we previously toast and mash up, so we add minerals at this prepared and a special flavor. It is used in place of salt (although it takes a little) to flavor all kinds of dishes, from salad to soup or a bowl of rice with vegetables. Sprinkled over the plate once cooked, is not used for cooking because it is already toasted sesame. It is ideal to do it at home just before consumption but we can find it ready for sale with or without seaweeds.

Preparation of gomasio. Photography by Orgazmika - Creative Commons License



Besides being a food than we saw in the articles about Seaweeds, we usually include them in soups, vegetables, legumes, etc.. Algae can also be used roasted and crushed to incorporate as an ingredient in gomasio, salts and mixtures of herbs or alone, to spice up a variety of dishes.



Nuts are an ideal food to complete a balanced diet and in future articles we know its main properties and characteristics. Nuts are an ideal condiment to liven up a boring salad (grating some nuts previously hydrated for 20 minutes in warm water), or to give a special flavor to some vegetables (stinging some hazelnuts and incorporating them in a sauce of onions to accompany a chickpeas with spinach). We must awaken our culinary creativity and try new flavors to avoid prepared sauces, excess salt and especially to give variety to our diet incorporating healthy and nutritious flavors.

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Article written by Shauri.