Tips to incorporate cereals into our daily diet

As mentioned in the various articles about cereals, it is very important to incorporate whole grains into our daily diet. A very good choice, too familiar for vegetarians, is to incorporate a cereal in a bowl of legumes (in a ratio of 2 parts of legumes and 1 part of cereal), so we get a nutritious dish especially because we get all the essential aminoacids at one meal without meat included.

Oats and Strawberries porridge. Photography by Vegan Feast Catering - Creative Commons License

Cereals are very nutritious and essential food in a healthy diet or a healthy lifestyle. The best medicine is preventive medicine, eating whole grains provides our body many of the substances needed for proper operation and consumption is a natural way to prevent disease. 

Many traditional dishes are composed of grains so it is hard not to find in a normal diet, but can not say we have eaten our fill if we eat snacks and sandwiches, first because you have to find variety, not always eat wheat, and flours of many bakeries are low quality so we hope to incorporate nutrients and not always found it.

Quinoa burguer. Photography by SweetOnVeg - Creative Commons License

It is a good idea to start developing our own bread with organic flour and try new grains like quinoa with which we can do from a veggie burger to a rich vegetable paella and algae, add oatmeal in yogurt or in a kefir in for our breakfast, not to mention brown rice that can accompany any steamed vegetable and will be a complete and easily digestible food. Bon Appetite! 

Article written by Shauri.