Watching the Breath

This type of meditation is as old as man. It stands out for its simplicity and naturalness. The only thing we need to realize it is our attention and our breathing, anytime, anywhere we can carry it out. It is a meditation that brings us very naturally into us, freeing our minds from all the junk that it can contain. The Buddha practiced mainly this type of meditation and it is said that with it he came to attain Enlightenment.

In this section of the website we will see the different ways to do this meditation. When they meditate, many people expect to have views with angels, guides, they imagine themselves flying through the sky, become different animals, walking along a beach or swimming in the ocean like a dolphin. All these things can be interesting and beautiful experiences that bring us something at a given moment of our way, but we will not get them to go further.

This type of meditation, proposes to find an internal vacuum space, or as Taoist call it: Wu Chi. A space free of concepts and mental structures, a state of pure consciousness free form identifications. To find consciousness in its pure crystalline state prior to the manifestation. Some call it spirit or God. To find ourselves truly do not need to travel the world, see magic or energetically powerful places. Needless to crop our hair or become to Buddhism. No need to put ourselves cotton clothing or increase our flexibility. All we need is to sit a little while every day to observe our breath.

Basically, this meditation is to observe the rhythm of the breath, observe how air enters and leaves. Focus our attention on it and forget everything else. Whenever we detect that our attention is distracted by thoughts, gently return to the breath. And we do this over and over again. At first the spaces of inner silence will be small but with practice we can increased them get well and get to see what is hidden behind the thought.

There are different ways to practice this meditation, but they all lead to the same place. Try each of these techniques to see which one is more suited to your needs.

  • Observe the underbelly. In this style, focus your attention on the underbelly watching as inflates and deflates. This style is very suitable if you have a tendency to raise the energy in the head. By keeping the focus on the belly keep the energy in the Tanti, which is where it should be .

  • Observe the nose. This is to find in our nose the exact point where the air comes in contact with us and focus our attention there.

  • General observation. As the name suggests with an overview observe the whole process of breathing.

Breathing consists of four phases: breath in, pause, breath out, pause. It is important that we were attentive enough to observe this process. In particular, pay attention to the last pause, that moment where you do not have air and still have not caught. From this perspective we might see that we are dead and we are reborn again and again .

As we begin to meditate, we can realize that we are watching the breath. This feeling is not a thought, it is consciousness itself. As I 'm relaxing and still watching the breath, slowly , I'm melting with it. I let the observer and the observed become the same thing, so I get to go beyond duality.

Do you want to be happy and find inner peace? Just breathe and realize it.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.