Meditate with a candle flame

For this meditation we need to have a candle that we will place somewhere in front of us more or less up to our eyes, or to a level where we do not have to strainth our neck or eyes to see it. Sitting in our favorite meditation position, we will make a few deep breaths to relax. If you have a thought or memory of something that has happened to you during the day at some point, imagine breathing out as this thought disappears. Slowly let your breath go back quiet and unhurried.

At this point we will begin to watch the candle. You have to look at it with blurring the eyes, ie with an overview of the candle, not staring. Simply observe the flame and let it soothe us and relax. While watching the flame must be aware of your mind, and always you surprise yourselve thinking about something elseturn your attention to the candle until you can look at it without thinking. Keep doing this game as long as you feel necessary.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.