Inner Body Meditation

The inner body meditation is very simple and provides great benefits. We should be on our usual meditation position or sitting in a chair. Then we relaxed and loosen all the muscles of the body. If we do Yoga it will be good to practice some asanas before meditating to get the muscles relaxed. Start doing abdominal breathing. we 'll be watching as the body swells and deflates for a moment. This will help us to relax a little more.

Next, we will focus our attention to the feet and observe the sensations noticed . Can you feel life is in your feet? We will be about 30 seconds with the spotlight on our feet. After this, we climb our attention to the bottom of the legs, but without losing the attention of the feet. So we are feeling our feet and our legs to the knees. After about 30 seconds, add the rest of the legs, so we'll be feeling the legs and feet. Then, using the same mechanics, I 'll add the belly, chest, throat and finally the head. Always feeling the body inside and being aware of its front and rear.

Once we have completed the whole body, we will place our attention on the head and start to bring it down to the feet by the front of our body. So that during the tour do a review of all areas. Then do the same but going up the back. This can be done rather quickly, your goal is to make you feel the body as a set of energy. At this point we should be feeling comfortable warmth throughout the body. It is possible that the first few times you only perceive a slight tingling. In any instance will be well what we feel, this feeling will increase with the practice. Now see how you feel. Has anything changed since you started meditating? Do you feel different? Is this feeling nice? Stay as long as you feel comfortable feeling your inner body and then start moving slowly and eventually merge go smoothly.

As a practitioner, you can try to maintain awareness of the Inner Body after completing meditation. So part of your attention still feel the Inner Body while doing everyday things in your life.

This kind of heat you get to feel in meditation is the Inner Body. I mean, our inner energy field. Practice this meditation as much as possible, as it is a very powerful meditation and greatly increases your frequency of vibration. Once you mastered this meditation, spread it outside the space of meditation. That is, try to feel your Inner Body at all times: when you drive, when you watch TV or reading a book, while you work, when you walk, every time you have to wait, etc. . Make it a habit to feel your Inner Body and your life will transform itself in ways you can not imagine. This meditation, plus bring you great peace and serenity, delays aging of the physical body and strengthens the immune system.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.