Heaven and Earth Connection

Start doing some deep breaths and relaxing. Will loosen all the muscles and let go of the tension. Turn our attention to the Middle Tantien or Heart Chakra, and will remain for a while, feeling the energy point we have chosen. We will let the breath go back slowly and evenly. 

Then visualize that from sky lows as a light tube and reaches us. This tube passes us by entering the Crown Chakra and out the Base Chakra. In its passing interconnects all our energy system. We will continue to focus on the Heart Chakra or the Middle Tantien briefly. Then visualize as the tube continues to fall and penetrates the Earth until it reaches its core. Remain so for a moment, feeling the sky-earth connection and breathing softly.

Once the sky-earth connection has been done we can imagine how we absorb energy from heaven and earth energy to the Middle Tantien or to the Heart Chakra. Visualize as it gradually fills our being of light and how that light goes through our skin and also fills our Aura. We can use this time to create us a protective cover. 

This meditation is ideal to make every morning. So start the day connecting us to heaven and earth and filling us with light. At the same time take the opportunity to create a protective cover. So, we started the day full of energy and protected, which will help us deal better with all that we can pass. It is also advisable to do prior to treatment.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.