Connecting with Earth

As always, the first step is the position, in this case we will stay standed. If you are tired and you can not be much while standing, you can do it sitting in a chair, but always with the back straight. Now we will relax, close our eyes and try to relax all the muscles of the body. We can do a soft roll with the body, it will also help us relax. Observe your breath for a while, as the abdomen swells and deflates. Now look at your legs, your feet and the ground where they are supported, note the weight of your body and the pull of gravity.

Then try to find your center of gravity. If it is necessary make a slight rocking. Surely this point you will find it a little below the navel, inside your body between the navel, kidneys and back. This point is called Hara and is an important energy center. Now imagine that you are in a forest, you're surrounded by trees, dry leaves and the fresh smell of the forest. Then imagine that your legs are elongated and sink into the ground, so you stay well rooted.

Then bring your attention to Base Chakra, located between the anus and genitals. Keep your attention until you feel like a heat at that point. Imagine this Chakra as a white ball. Now imagine that from this ball goes a tube of energy, also white, and this tube sinks into the earth and is entering deeper into it till reach the center of the Earth. How is the center of the Earth? What feelings do you have to be connected with it?

Now that you're logged in, turns your attention to your first chakra. Imagine that in the base Chakra get together all the tensions and negative emotions you may have (you can make one by one). Imagine a mass of black energy forms and that you send through the tube to the center of the earth. Mother Earth receives this energy and recycles them, return it to you purified as a mass of a light reddish color. When this mass reaches the 1st Chakra, this is slightly red tinged. Repeat this process until your Root Chakra is completely red with a deep red color.

Once we have reached this point, we will see how we feel and we will start slowly moving. First we will move the fingers of hands and feets, we can move the neck a little, slowly opening the eyes..

Article written by Miquel Vidal.