The Antahkarana

The Antahkarana is an ancient symbol that comes from India and Tibet, but it have also of it in America. Its origin is lost in the mists of time and has always been used for meditation and healing. Today we can find it anywhere, you can even see it while you do not give the value it deserves, but the truth is that this symbol has been available for only a few for millennia. 

You could say that the Antahkarana symbolizes the spiritual part of man, the most sacred, the unnamable. Its three arms symbolize the three essential aspects of being: body, mind and spirit. States in the center are all beyond the void. It is a symbol that helps us to cross the threshold, to let go of our conditioning and to reach enlightening.


It has several uses. For meditation is ideal. We can meditate on it in different ways. For example, we can put forward and stare, relaxing view, seeing it in its entirety and let the thoughts gradually disappear until we become one with the symbol. We can also close our eyes and try to visualize it. If it costs, you can toggle the display to look to be able to watch it without having it in front. Another exercise is to look very intently, then close your eyes and see the negative that is created in the retina. Anyway, there are many possibilities of meditation with this symbol and playing with it we can invent someone ourselves.

Another use is for healing. There are also many possibilities. We can get a large one and put the patient in front of the symbol for a few minutes. We can put the symbol on the couch while doing Reiki to enhance the treatment. We can make seven Antahkaranas, each with the color of a Chakra and put them on the top of each Chakra, etc..

We may also use the AnthaKarana for energy protection and purification. For example, I can make myself coasters with this Antahkarana and purify all that I drink. I can also have it hanging on a wall to cleanse and harmonize the room, very effective in this case. Another application is to put it under the mattress or under the pillow, so we will promote our dreams and its memories. Today they sold multiple objects with Antahkarana, all of them can be useful . For example, there are meditation cushions with embroidered Antahkarana, we sat up and the vibration of this symbol helps in meditation.

It is a very powerful symbol and if you use it a bit you will notice. Only put your hand over the symbol and you can feel the energy released. Or looking profile you can see how this energy goes like if it has aura. It is a symbol that one way or another should not be missing in any home of a finderlight.

There are different arrangements for the AnthaKarana, the main is called masculine Antahkarana or Yang Antahkarana, which is what I normally use. There is also the female Antahkarana or Yin Antahkarana, which is very similar, but has thinner arms. There is also the Cross Antahkaranas with their correspondences with the chakras and finally the grid of Antahkaranas that it also relates to the Chakras, the different layers of the aura and the manifestation of energy in spirals.



Masculine Antahkarana

Feminine Antahkarana 



Cross of Antahkaranas

Grid of Antahkarana

Article written by Miquel Vidal.