What is meditation?

Meditation is the art of silence, attention and relaxation. It becomes really difficult to explain what meditation is for. You have to live it, to experience going into meditation, to know what it really is. If I have a friend who has never tasted honey, and I talk him about honey, I give him books and books about honey and its properties, etc.. I will make my friend an expert on honey. But until this friend does not try honey, he do not really know what flavour has or what he can sit on contact honey and tongue, feel the sweet taste and smooth texture of honey.

Meditation is an ancient practice whose origin is unknown, but has been part of all the great religions and spiritual traditions. Humans have always had a yearning to find something beyond the material. We have always asked questions like: Who am I ? What am I doing here? What is the meaning of life? Meditation emerged as a tool to find answers to these questions.

In order to find themselves, many people performs great journeys, interact with different people, read books, take courses, receive therapies of all kinds, seeking different experiences related to sexuality or drugs, etc. . Meditation speaks of something much simpler than that, it speaks to find the answers within.

One of the main problems we have today is that we are not able to stop thinking. The constant and compulsive thoughts creates a kind of screen that prevents us from seeing beyond. Somehow we think so much that unconsciously we believe that we are our thoughts. But nothing is further from the truth, thought is just one tool we have at our disposal, as we have arms and legs.

Meditation is about finding an internal space free of thoughts, to stop the mind long enough for us to see what is beyond thought, what we really are. When we begin to meditate we can achieve just a few seconds without thinking, but if we get regularly practice, these spaces of inner silence get extended and thereby strengthen our presence.

Surely it happens to you to spent some time watching TV, and you start to think. After a while you will realize that you were thinking and you've turned your attention to the television. Thereafter sure you've thought, "Wow , I have not heard what happened". As you can see, when we think we were as delighted, thinking seduces us so that we lose awareness of what is happening, and we are aware of the world only a in peripheral and superficial way.

If only in a few moments thinking we lose the thread of a movie, imagine the implications of being all day thinkingcompulsive and involuntarily. The reality of the world, who we are, God, etc.. is clouded by the thought that just as the flute of a snake charmer gets most of our attention and makes us lose sight of everything else. 

Meditation is a tool to help us regain our consciousness. When we speak aboutof consciousness within this framework, we are not referring to the inner voice that tells you what is right and what is wrong, we refer to being aware or be aware of. With meditation we get remove consciousness of mind and put it in ourselves and in the world, and this is where the true spiritual awakening begins.


"Leading a spiritual life means a life 

where not all your thoughts seduce you."

Eckhart Tolle


Article written by Miquel Vidal.