Benefits of Meditation

Meditation brings great benefits to the practitioner, from relaxation to considerable changes in physical health. There are even cases of people who have been cured of serious diseases meditating. At a general level, meditation helps us to find relaxation and a space of inner peace, and bring this to our daily lives. These are some of the benefits it can bring us this wonderful practice:

  • Relaxation. The pace of life in today's society cause us many problems, which in turn result in tensions. Millions of people who need medication for a role as natural as sleeping. If we do not know ease this tensions, they remain with us and go slowly draining our joy of living. The first step in meditation is to learn to relax. Conscious relaxation helps us to free ourselves of our tensions and already see problems differently. With the practice of meditation we learn not only to relax in a room being alone, but being in any situation such as in the middle of a discussion.

  • Health. Being more relaxed every day is extremely valuable to our health. Meditation not only relaxes us, but also active self-healing processes of the body and mind. Here are some examples:

  • Meditation relaxes muscular tension. This automatically relieves pain, increases mobility and allows the body to relax. Respiration, body fluids and nerve impulses flow freely.

  • Meditation lowers high blood pressure. When muscular tension is loosened, the body becomes more flexible and the heart does not have to pump as hard to send blood through veins and arteries. When we are under stress, blood is thick with cholesterol but becomes liquid when we relax.

  • Meditation boosts the immune system and the production of white blood cells. The immune system suffers when the body is in tension. The healing process works best when the body is relaxed or sleeping. Meditation accelerates recovery time after illness or surgery.

  • Meditation opens the closed airways. It is particularly good for asthma and allergy sufferers.

  • Meditation increases circulation of blood to the digestive system, skin and brain. When we are under stress, the digestive system shuts us bloodstream and targets the muscles responsible for large reflection 'cope or escape ". Meditation goes around this process and the digestive system working properly again.

  • Meditation has drastic effects on the hormonal activity. This is a complex discovery that still requires a narrower interpretation. Obviously, the stress-related hormones decreased during meditation. The pattern of hormonal secretions of a person doing meditation generally resembles that of a person five or ten years younger, suggesting that the physical stresses of age are underweight both the person practicing meditation. People who do meditation are like people who are in very good physical condition, they look younger than their age.

  • Meditation balances the activity of the left and right hemispheres. Each of the hemispheres of the brain governs motor coordination on the opposite side of the body. If one hemisphere is active in excess, the body may tend to be slightly bent, twisted or lopsided, which naturally creates physical stress. Anxious people tend to feel knots or all over the body. Put very simply, the left hemisphere generally governs the thinking while the right makes about feelings. Many of us find ourselves in either case. Perhaps we think too much all day we are inundated or emotions, but meditation balances the situation. The person who practices meditation is able to think clearly while maintaining their emotional responses.

  • Information on general health. Medical evidence suggests that meditation can be particularly effective in cases of insomnia, migraine, asthma  chronic pain, hypertension, allergies or recovery from illness. Frequently gets good results with psychosomatic skin disorders , digestive system and nervous system.

  • Inner peace and harmony. Meditation brings us to a state of inner peace and tranquility. Although our life has a lot of stress and problems , if we are able to stop thinking about them for 15 minutes a day, our lives will be transformed in a remarkable way.

  • Concentration. Meditation cultivates concentration and attention. More specifically when we become meditators we develop what is known as the "continuing attention". It is a state where the noises, thoughts, etc. . not make you lose concentration, but help you to increase it. And that affects everything we do, if we concentrate better, work better, relate better, etc. 

  • Improve performance. Many professionals such as athletes , dancers, etc. . use meditation to enhance its performance and its inner state . If you're a player and you are relaxed and calm things you do come out much better than if you are tense and worried, obviously, right?

  • Inspiration and vision. Every creative act arises from beyond the mind. The mind is not creative in any sense, is good analyzing and solving problems, but is limited when it comes to creating . Creative inspiration comes from beyond the mind. From the mind without thought or conscious mind, or as they call it in some Oriental countries, the no-mind, from there creativity comes. In any creative process, if we can switch the thinking mind with the conscious mind or no-mind, our work will have another dimension. Meditation stimulates our creative side of the brain.

  • Quality of life. Relaxation, concentration, creativity ... are aspects that make us happier and enjoy life more. Learning to meditate is simple, but we need to spend some time every day if we want to enjoy all these benefits.

  • Self-awareness and therapy. Meditation helps us to become aware of ourselves. Preventing our minds wander, we can turn our attention inward and observe. Also in meditation we can heal psychological, because very often, being in meditation we can rid from emotional knots and repressed emotions or experiencing stagnant energies to heal them.

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  • Spiritual awakening. It is said that prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening. If we are in a process of personal growth and self-knowledge, meditation should become a habit like eating and breathing for us. Meditation opens the door to the spiritual dimension so we can reconnect with our divine essence.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.