Using Crystals

Crystals are living beings, many people are surprised by this statement. In many cases they are beings that take thousands or millions of years to evolve and have immense wisdom. The worldview that has imposed by Western culture has prevented us from pay attention these beings deserve. Thus, the crystals not only serve to make watches and bracelets, are beings who can help us enormously to heal, and with which, in addition, we can have amazing experiences if we enter into a true communion with them.

Apart from the use of crystal for healing, we can also take the vibration of crystals to meditate. Especially with large crystals, such as quartz or amethyst tips, also with geodes and druses. These crystals emit a great vibration and are too heavy and cumbersome to use in healing, but to meditate beside him are fantastic. The vibration emitting and harmony generated around make it possible to enter in a very deep meditative states.

The basic work with crystals, focused on healing, is to put the crystal above a certain area of ​​the body and leave it there a few minutes. The healing vibration of the crystal will contact the unbalanced area and give it what it takes to heal and regain its natural balance. Apart from this, you can perform other more complex jobs, but you should learn directly from a person skilled in the art.

As we have seen in the section on basic crystals, each crystal has its own properties and it is logical that this makes each crystal has to be used differently. That is, depending on the vibration of each crystal we will situate it in a body part or another. For example, a Fire Agate, by color and vibration will be more useful to us in areas and related organs to the first chakra that if we place it in the head near the seventh chakra.

Without having to be great experts, we can take a small gemtherapy session ourselves in the comfort of our home. Then I will explain a basic gemtherapy session for the harmonization of the chakras. For this session we will need the following crystals or gems: whitequartz, amethyst , sodalite or aquamarine, rose quartz, tiger eye or citrine quartz, fire agate, tourmaline and hematite. We may also use a double-headed white quartz.

Place a crystal on each chakra in the order that follows. It is advisable put the gem or crystal in direct contact with the skin for a greater healing. It is also important that all crystals have been discharged from negative energies and charged with Reiki or solar or lunar energy.

We will place one hematites in each plant of the feet and also we will take in each hand a white quartz tip. Once we have placed all the stones in place merely we will observe our breath and try to relax, allowing the crystals do their work. Mentally you can spend a few minutes at each of the chakras, directing your attention to each of them for about 5 minutes. Although it is not required to do this part, we simply meditate watching the breath and the sensations that we go having. 

It is recommended to remain lying down with stones for a 25 to 50 minutes. We can also turn around and place the stones in the back at the height of the corresponding chakra.

Reiki and Crystals

To combine this sample session we just saw with Reiki, it is enough just as we have Reiki when stones are over us. Since the session we propose is focused to work with the chakras, it would be appropriate to make a Balanced Chakras while we do it. Putting our hands on the crystals, preferably without touching them, letting the Reiki energy add to the healing powers of each of the crystals. 

If you simply want to relax having the stones above, we can make a few minutes of Reiki to the stones previously. One by one, or together, we will do 5 to 15 minutes of Reiki to the crystals. We can also insertarles Reiki symbols we want to enhance their effect. Once we place the crystals on your body these will drop into us the power we have given them.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.