Programing and cleaning Crystals

The first thing we have to do when we buy or somebody give us a crystal is clean it. There are different ways to clean crystals. I usually use the technique of water and salt. Is to take a bowl and put two or three fingers of salt, place on top of the salt crystals and then fill it with water to cover the crystals. So the first time we clean them, leave them like a 24 hours. Once the initial cleaning , for subsequent cleanings leave them one night is enough. Another technique is to put the crystal to clean under running tap water for a while, or in the sea where the waves break or a little bit in the sea water, or in a river, etc. . Another way is to clean up the crystal and let incense smoke to purify. The salt technique is not suitable for the following stones: amber, emerald, lapis lazuli, opal, malachite and turquoise.

To clean a crystal using Reiki, first we will shine violet energy on it. That act purify and clean the crystal from its negative energies. Later we will apply a moment of Reiki, imagining that we transmit white energy, which will serve to load the crystal of energy like a battery. If we did the second level of Reiki or above, we can also use symbols to clean and load crystals, such as the Cho-Ku-Rei, Sei-He-Ki or Dai-Koo-Myo.

It is highly recommended that when you acquire a new crystal leave it one day with water and salt. After that, we can go about doing maintenance with the symbols of Reiki, Reiki and colors or passing it by current water to clean it. Eventually we'll do a more thorough cleaning.

Once you have cleaned the crystal, the next step is load it with because when we clean it, it stays empty. We can leave it a few hours in the sun or moonlight, we also can do Reiki to charge it. To do this, we will have it in the hands of 5 to 10 minutes, we can introduce some symbol such as the Cho-ku-Rei. Amethyst and citrine quartz should not be left in the sun because they burn itselfs.

Stones in a bowl with water and salt

Once loaded the crystal we will program it. To schedule a crystal use mental or verbal commands. It is enough to have the crystal in your hands, give it Reiki or give it a command, focus on the crystal and give it instructions. As more literal orders are the best. A crystal can be programmed to project or extract energy. We have to indicate which will bring energy and where will. You have to also say what you want to do with the energy to extract, we can say that it stores (after we have to charge the crystal, and the sooner we do it better), or we can say that send it to the light. We can use the time to program the crystal to load simultaneously.

Once crystal is wet it loses its programming. Another cleaning technique is to leave the crystal in a bowl with two or three fingers of salt, but without water. Thus the salt absorbs the negative energies of the crystal but not lose its programming.

Stones charging energy in the sun

If we start doing Reiki regularly, we can have our own protective crystal. A white quartz generator would be a good idea. We can have around in our sessions and program it to absorb the negative energy that can be peeled off during the process. We can also have crystals to harmonize a place, for example our workplace or home. A Druze quartz or amethyst geode are ideal. Moreover, such as large crystals were cleaned and loaded themselves. It is also very good. Once we have detected that Chakras are inharmonious we can acquire some crystal that work specifically these Chakras. If we customarily to meditate there are crystals that can help us a little further deepen in our meditations, white quartz or amethyst are ideal and can be programmed to exercise this function.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.