Basic Crystals

Each crystal, because of their chemical composition, conditions and the way that has been developed has different characteristics. Physically we can see different shapes, colors, textures, etc.. and at energy level we see how it changes the vibration, its intensity and its healing power. In general, the larger and older the glass is its most intense vibration and more powerful its healing ability. 

Although a crystal to performing well we have to take care for it and pamper, cleansing regularly, treating it with care, occasionally burying or taking to the sea. It is recommended that you keep it in a wooden box or a cloth bag. Here are some of the most important crystals:

White Quartz

Also known as rock crystal, is an abundant mineral on this planet and it has many applications. Its appearance is usually white or transparent and usually find in tips. Probably it is the world's most powerful healing crystal. The white quartz is a special gift from Mother Earth to all creatures on the planet. In all ancient civilizations has been recognized as a powerful stone for healing and spiritual exploration.


They have an energetic vibration that is always in constant balance, so is used in precision instruments such as watches. It is a fundamentally spiritual crystal, but is capable of vibrating in all colors, giving it a chance to heal at different levels. We can use it for any ailment, simply placing the quartz near the affected region. In meditation succeed to find and maintain inner silence faster. It is a glass that cleans very well from negative energies, it can be used for healing any illness. Strengthens and repairs our energy aura. It also helps us to think positively and see things differently. We also can serve to protect us from the radiation of TV , mobiles or computers. It is a crystal particularly connected with the seventh chakra Sahasrara.



Can be found in different shades of purple or violet, from lighter to darker, are generally transparent, translucent and opaque in some cases, depending on how the stone is cut. It is a stone that is specially connected with six chakra, Ajna. It works mental aspects by relaxing the mind. It produce a very relaxing vibration ideal to help to sleep if we suffer insomnia, or to assuage our thoughts if we have many concerns. It also stimulates our intuition and perceptual abilities, especially related to the most subtle energies. It is a very spiritual and excellent stone to use in meditation.

It is said that Amethyst helps to prevent drunkenness, in fact his name means "not drunk". It purifies and cleanses the body and mind. It promotes understanding and persuasion. Amethyst is a stone that brings comfort in pain and provides relief in times of distress. It make more powerful to endocrine glands and nervous system. It is indicated for the treatment of arthritis. It brings peace and balance, stimulates the intellect. Indicated for depression. It is said that Amethyst have the power to influence the environments of discord and make them more pleasant and sincere. It is indicated for the treatment of asthma and heart disease . It should not be missed an amethyst in our house.




It has a teal aspect and it is a stone that conveys serenity and calm. Sailors used as an amulet to protect offshore from negative energies. This stone is intimately connected with the fifth chakra, Svahdistana, and works communication at all levels. Allowing to free thoughts that we dared not say aloud. It helps us to know how to speak correctly and express our ideas in a clear and orderly manner. It also helps us to learn to listen to others. It is closely related to the energy of the sea. It is very suitable for all kinds of throat problems.




Rose Quartz

As its name suggests, the Rose Quartz is part of the quartz family, but due to its evolution takes this pink color that gives it special characteristics and virtues. This crystal is pink, usually translucent, but may find some semi-transparent. It is a special stone to work with the heart chakra and the energy of love. It helps in the emotional aspects, relationships, bereavement, etc.. undoing the negative energy and replacing it with loving energy. Physically also helps us in all kinds of cardiovascular problems. Place it primarily above the heart chakra, but you can also carry in your hand, pocket or pendant.

It is the most relaxing crystal. A piece of rose quartz gives us well-being and physical and emotional happiness. Rose quartz repair our hearts and we can love again. It is also very suitable for meditation, because it creates a warm atmosphere within, perfect to help us to discover who we are and find unconditional love that we all have within.


Citrine Quartz

Their colors range goes from yellow to brown. It is not abundant in nature and in many stores sell burned amethysts as citrines. It is a stone related to the energy from the sun. It is a crystal that works fine the third chakra, Manipura, helping us to digest our emotions. It give self esteem to us and confidence with ourselves. It is also a stone that brings abundance, prosperity and success. It has great strength and conveys energy and vitality. In drusen, purifies the atmosphere and discharge negative energy to Earth.



This gem is composed of various colors, mainly blue, gray, green and white. Usually find it in blue with white and gray streaks. Sodalite is a stone that is suitable for self-centered and conceited people, because it helps to understand the problems of others and it is useful in the conflicts of the ego. It also helps in problems related to the archetype of the father. It is recommended for problems of food digestion and also in bone-related diseases. Awaken the healing mechanisms that all the people have and it is also recommended in the breaks. It harmonizes Throat Chakra and Solar Plexus. It also works great to deal with themes related to communication.





This stone is black and generally we can find it in polished and smooth edges. Onyx helps to think objectively, it is indicated for the treatment of epilepsy and depression. Used by people suffering from melancholy. It stabilizes the terror of the unknown, promotes and enhances meditation. Suitable for those suffering from hoarseness. It has stabilizing effects on the body, restores order and proper functioning of our body. Onyx has affinity with the Base Chakra.


Fire Agate


Fire Agate can be found in different colors: blue, gray, greenish gray, whitish gray, red or brown with white stripes. There are many variations of agate, and generally being of the quartz family all of them are good for absorbing negative energies, but each has its specific applications. Clears the aura and balances the Yin Yang forces. Brings good luck in love related situations and passions. It helps connecting with Earth and Fire element. It promotes sex relations. Associated with the Chakras 1st and 2nd. It has a high vibratory power, recommended for meditation.



Tiger Eye

This gem is brown with yellow streaks and change the color to move. Tiger eye is a cleansing stone, cleanses the body at all levels. It is also called freedom's stone, provides inner strength. Recommended for those in need of encouragement and introverted people. Promotes change without traumatic ruptures. It is the stone of good luck. It is useful against arthritis and disorders of the heart and brain. It is also very suitable for digestive problems. It is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Heart Chakra.



Tourmaline can be found in different colors: black, green, brown, pink, yellow, watermelon, etc.. Depending on the color it will be more opaque or translucent. Black tourmaline, which is the most common and best price find, is a very powerful stone for protection. Whether you live in a dense energy environment or if you are dedicated to the world of therapies, etc. It is a very good stone to be our constant companion. It also protects us from radiation mobile. A large tourmaline set in our home creates a protective shield that does not let the negative energy. If we use them as a pendant, or as protection in the pocket, when we come back home, we need to let it off, near of a quartz to be purified. He works primarily with the base chakra and helps us to keep our feet on the ground.

Article written by Miquel Vidal.