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The Master Symbols

In the Tibetan Usui Reiki Master two symbols are received. These symbols may vary depending on the teacher or the system. For instance, some teachers transmit the Raku and the Fire Snake in the master. However, I transmit the Tibetan Dai-Ko-Myo, which it is a master symbol to me, and the Fire Snake. Both formulas are valid though.

The Master of Reiki symbols are mainly orientated to the transmission and initiation of Reiki, in other words, they are used in the initiation or attunement process. This is the main theme of the master course. Nevertheless, the master symbol in the Tibetan Usui Reiki system is the Tibetan Dai-Ko-Myo, a symbol of a very high vibration frequency. When being initiated into this symbol and start working with it, we experience in ourselves a very profound change.


Tibetan Dai-Ko-Myo

This symbol is the symbol of the highest level taught in in the Tibetan Usui Reiki system: is the Master symbol. It is the symbol with the highest vibration and therefore, it is the most transformative at spiritual level. This symbol can give us a big push on our way, but we must take care of it every day so it can show us its true potential.

The Tibetan Dai-Ko-Myo has very similar characteristics to the Japanese Dai-Koo-Myo. It helps us to raise our vibration frequency, it allows us to connect with our Divine Essence, it helps us to find our place in the world and to know our life plan. To sum up, it helps us on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

The symbols of the second level of Reiki help us when making a physical, mental or emotional healing. This symbol enhances the healing of the soul by sending energy to the more subtle layers of the upper chakras and aura. It also helps in the healing of our Karma. The authentic healing is the spiritualone, but having the body, mind and emotions healthy helps us greatly to achieve spiritual healing.

Some meanings of this symbol we can find are: "Take us back to God" or "The lotus sailing to Enlightenment".

The Tibetan Dai-Ko-Myo can be found in two versions:



Tibetan Fire Snake

This symbol is usually used only during initiations. Some Masters present it as a version of the Raku because its function is very similar. Thus, the mission of the Fire Snake is to open the student's aura for initiation while balancing all chakras. The difference with the Raku is that the Raku only opens the aura but does not balance the chakras. It can be used at the beginning of the initiation in order to open the student's aura and at the end of the initiation to close it, it will depend on the intention we give it when we use it. The correct way to trace it is beginning in the head, descend through the different chakras and tracing the spiral in the coccyx.

Tibetan Fire Snake can be found in two versions:

Fire Dragon

The Fire Dragon is like the Fire Snake, but in a reverse way, even though it has a total of nine curves. Its attributes include the activation of the Kundalini, the elimination of spinal problems and the harmonization of the chakras. It is also used during initiations after the Fire Snake. Its nine curves represent the 7 chakras plus 2 which are above the head and below the feet.



This symbol is not transmitted by all Tibetan Reiki masters. For some reason in some schools and transmission lines it has been lost. Where we can find it is in Karuna Reiki systems. It is a Tibetan symbol that develops spiritual wish.

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